My Growing Boys


What do I love most? Spending time with my husband and three boys, of course! Rex is 9, Jude is 7, and Morris is 4. And, I also really love to garden. So, why not put them together? Boys and gardens. Boys growing gardens. My growing boys growing gardens. We’ll give it a try!

This summer of 2016, each of my boys will grow his own vegetable garden. Each boy will decide what to grow, and he will take care of the watering, tending, and harvesting.

I’ve set a few guidelines, or Garden Rules, to make sure Momma doesn’t take over, and the boys are responsible for making sure their gardens thrive.

Rule 1: These are the boys’ gardens, and they are in charge of growing, tending, watering, and weeding them.

Rule 2: Mom and dad do not touch a boy’s garden – even if they mean well – unless given permission.

Rule 3: Brothers may not touch another brother’s garden – even if they mean well – unless given permission.

Rule 4: Boys may decorate their gardens and make them their own. (See Rule 1)

Given my creative boys, I may have to come up with more Garden Rules later… We’ll start with these.

What inspired me to do this?

I am reminded of past sunny days, when my boys strolled with me to our garden to see how it changed. In the spring, they helped me bury the different seeds and plant the baby plants. Throughout the summer, they helped me water and weed the garden beds to keep our plants healthy and happy. I showed them the little bean plants sprouting, and the small bulbs growing off the end of the tomato flowers. They noticed how much bigger a cucumber had grown even in one day. We picked and sampled the cilantro and chives. And when ready, it was a true treat when one of you picked a veggie from our garden for our supper.

I think we are ready!