A Little Harvest Morris Waited For

Morris finally unearthed his carrots this week. We were pleasantly surprised some of them were the size of his dad’s fingers, which is much larger than we’ve ever grown before. We forgot they were there, until one night this week, Morris asked, “Can I pull my carrots now?”

“Oh! Of course!” I responded.


And, he pulled, and out came about ten, decent-sized orange carrots. I told him they taste very different than carrots from the store…and he hasn’t asked to eat them yet.

We’ve also harvested many jalapeno and chilli red peppers from Morris and Rex. Honestly, we would can some delicious jelly if I had the energy. My energy has moved away from the garden and toward home projects, like painting the front door (red, of course!), adding shades and a curtain in the living room to prepare for the cold weather. 

Still, I can’t quite bring myself to ask the boys to clear our their gardens yet… I’m still holding on.


Final Cucumber Count

These are some of our cucumber numbers from the summer:

July 28 = 35 + 5 = 40

August 3 = 40 + 2 = 42

August 10 = 42 + 3 = 45 (All from Rex)

August 18 = 45 + 3 = 48 (2 from Rex, 1 monster from Morris!)

I have to confess that there might be even more than that, as I sometimes forgot to add them in. And,there were days we picked three and gave them away right away… So, 55 might be a better estimate. At any rate, they paid for themselves, and the boys love to pick them and marvel at their size.

Rex turned out to be the champion in numbers, and Morris championed in length.

Jude was the champion of silly.

Our Garden Spider

A lovely garden spider has made her home in our garden, specifically in my bed by the tomato plants. She started out the size of the end of my pinkie finger, and now, I estimate she’s grown at least five times her size. 


Garden spiders visited our last garden, mainly our raspberry bushes. You know what you’re looking at by the bright yellow on the body, and the web has a vertical zig-zag pattern right down the center.

This lady is keeping some pests away from our tomatoes and enjoying it! Isn’t she cool?!

Other than her, nothing else has joined our gardens: no praying mantis, and thankfully, no horn-worms this year!