Our Last Post for 2016 – Our Last Planting – Holly Bushes

Morris helped me plant two holly bushes in big, red pots this weekend. We plan on moving them to the front of our home during the winter to add some green/color when the rest of the world looks white and grey day after day.

Boys love to dig! Morris was willing to help as soon as I showed him the small spade. He dug a hole in the pot, we placed the bush within, and he covered the bush with dirt. Good job, Mo!

I’d like to come up with some homemade Christmas gifts to give away with this holly, but it might not be full and ready this season…

This is my last post for 2016 as it is the last planting we’ll do this season. It’s been a great, growing year with my three boys!

Look for us in 2017 when the days are longer, warmer, and ready for planting!