Jude’s Yellow Tomatoes

Jude has always loved his yellow tomatoes, and this year, they are growing great! Jude picked three, fist-sized ones tonight, and we made a tomato salad with salt, pepper, basil, and a little olive oil. It’s nice to have some variety in the gardens.


The Back Garden

Well, my original dreams for this garden have changed some. Originally, it was going to be a potato garden. We planted twelve seed potatoes, but nothing grew. Then, Jude planted green beans in those spots, and the plants grew quickly. 

We also located all of our vines here (except for Morris’s squash plant). Here, Morris picks his favorite zucchini: two now, which we’ve eaten as zucchini fries. We also have pumpkins growing! One plant has one big guy. One plant has three small ones. And, a final squash plant is here, but it’s not nearly as ambitious as Morris’s. This is a fun garden to visit!

Cucumber Time

It’s time for each boy to pick cucumbers hanging from their vines. The trellises are getting heavy and starting to lean, especially Rex’s who has about four right now. The boys are the most excited picking these. They marvel and compare how large they are. Then, they use them as swords and guns and run around. 

Later, I make pickled cucumbers: a batch for us, a batch for Grandpa. Ours have onions and dill. They’re a refreshing summer treat!

Oops, There’s Something Viney in Morris’s Garden!

It’s true. We learned last season that it’s not a great idea to plant a zucchini in our planters. But guess who wanted a zucchini in his garden? Morris, of course. And, when we found a zucchini plant from my starts, guess what we found out it is NOT? A zucchini. So, instead, we have a sprawling vine, which is either a squash or a pumpkin. That is to be determined! But either way, it’s too big!

And then, we found out, it is a squash plant! And it’s wrapping its vines around Mo’s garden once, and now twice. It’s huge!