Purchasing Plants

I took our Master Plant List to Lowes (a purple note card), along with all three boys. Granted, I know what I’m in for each time I take the boys there.  And they know, too. They claim we’re always there far longer than we originally promise: they’re right.  I make sure I’m well-rested or well-caffeinated so I can handle the over-stimulation, along with the need to make decisions. On this trip, most of our shopping would take place outside, at the Garden Center, so I figured it might go a little smoother.

Each boy selected which tomato plant he wanted: early girl, big beef, roma, little tomatoes, etc. Each boy selected which cucumber plant looked the strongest, which chive plant looked the fullest, which hot peppers might provide the biggest kick when eaten: chili red or jalapeno? Our shopping cart quickly filled with veggie plants.


Then, we went inside to purchase some seeds: carrots, corn, beans, peas, and a few herbs.


All was going smoothly until then, but when the boys started grabbing axes and giant picks – and of course, wielding them as weapons –  I knew our trip to Lowe’s needed to end.



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