Measuring Plants and Boys

I thought it might be cool to do a little measuring activity. Just how tall are your baby plants? Then we can measure throughout the growing season and see how they’ve grown.

We took our first measurements one week after planting, on June 4, 2016.

I let each boy hold the tape measure (They love tape measures! The boys usually use them as super spy weapons or flexible swords.) and read the measurement. My four year-old needs a little help, but he can read the numbers separately: one and three. I record all of the information. My plan is to make a growth chart for the boys to fill in every two or three weeks.


REX June 4
Tomato 11-½”
Chili Red Pepper
Chives 7”


I asked Rex what he thought was the biggest change in his garden

He replied: “My chili red grew a flower.”

JUDE June 4
Tomato 11-½”
(Seed-¾”) Plant 2.5”
Corn 1”
Eggplant 6-¾”
Sage 5-¼”


I asked Jude what had changed about his garden.

He answered: “Yesterday, only one bean was up and today I have three!”

Tomato 9”
Cabbage 4”
Spinach 5”
Bean 2”


Morris noticed that his tomato plant was growing. When I asked what was different, he said, “The leaves are kinda big…” 

While I’m at it, I thought I might measure the height of my boys, as well. I can see how much they’ve grown during the summer.

Rex: 57” (4 feet, 9 inches)

Jude: 53” (4 feet, 5 inches)

Morris: 42” (3 feet, 6 inches)


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