…And Growing!

Yep, there’s no stopping them!  Look at the changes in height in the tomato plants and the corn. Some plants are not necessarily growing up, they’re flowering, filling out, or actually growing vegetables. Some of the herbs – the cilantro and dill – and the spinach are going to seed. (I had to change the chart a little.)

REX June 4 June 11 *June 26 July 4
Tomato 11-½” 19” (1’7”) 32” (2’8”) 42”

9 toms



10” 12” 4 peppers

4 flowers

7 peppers

4 flowers

*Two weeks later


JUDE June 4 June 11 *June 26 July 4
Tomato 11-½” 12.5” 24” 35”

3 blooms

Corn 1” 13” 50” !!! 57”
Eggplant 6-¾” 7.5” 1 Purple


3 flowers
Sage 5-¼” 5.5” Filling out 3.5” leaf

The bloom on an eggplant.


MORRIS June 4 June 11 *June 26 July 4
Tomato 9” 15” (1’3”) 34” (1’10” 42”
Cabbage 4” 7” Center




The boys notice so much! Once they get into the garden, it’s as if they push play and start an audio tour of their turf. They don’t even care if anyone is listening; they talk over each other and to each other, not really expecting an answer. But I love what I hear: observations of growth, one plant stealing sunlight from another, time to harvest certain herbs, a surprise wandering of pole beans’ vines, curiosity about how big the carrots are under their tops, and on and on. It all makes me smile.



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