Twenty Bucks

The boys notice their dill plants are tall and starting to sprout flowers. Their basil plants are full and ready to be thinned out. The mint and sage are spreading, and the chive is bursting in all directions. It’s time to harvest some herbs.


Each boy picks from his garden and brings the bounty inside. They wash each kind of herb in a colander, then lay them on a dishtowel to dry. All the while, they’re plotting: How can they make money on this? They conclude that they need to fill little baggies with their herbs and try to sell them at the end of our driveway, or at the family business, if Grandpa says it’s okay. Jude can also sell some of the geodes he’s collected from our driveway. They think they can make about twenty bucks…which they will certainly spend on Legos.



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