Garden Value

We’ve been curious about how much money a garden can make, or save a family. If we keep track of what we harvest, we’ll have a better understanding of whether we make our money back, and then what the value is for all that harvesting. We originally spent about $110 on plants and seeds.

Here’s what we’ve harvested so far, and the value we calculated. By the way, I’m having Jude add these up. Good practice for addition with decimals!


Cost at Store Harvested Value
Cucumbers $1.00 17 $17.00
Green beans $2.69 / 1.35 lbs. 4.19 lbs. $8.34
 -Roma $.25 each 18 $4.50
 -Cherry $3.79 / 0.95 lbs. 65 / 1.5 lbs. $3.80
 -Big $1.50 each 3 $4.50
Jalapenos/Chilies $0.30 each 1 $0.30

Basil – $1.99/pkg. (fresh) —6– $11.94    

Chives – $2.99/.75 oz. (fresh) –None (Just nibbled in the garden)

Cilantro – $1.00/bunch (fresh)– 2– $2.00

Dill – $1.70/.58 oz. (dried)– 3– $5.10

*  TOTAL VALUE (as of 8/4)  = $57.48

*The herbs are winding down- except for the basil – so I did not add them to the chart. There are many tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans to come.


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