Fall Harvest

With the start of school and soccer, the gardens have been a little neglected… The boys don’t wander around their plots much these days, mostly because many plants are done producing: the cucumbers and green beans.

There are still some pleasant surprises, though.

Rex found carrots! He’d pulled a few in early September and was pretty disappointed, but when we pulled on the greens this week, we found some decently sized ones…as far as baby carrots go. There’s such a difference in taste between the garden grown and the bagged babies.

We’re still getting tomatoes! The stalks are brown and wilting, but the fall has been warm, and the sun has been friendly. Every week, we enjoy tomatoes in our salads, or I include them in our Sunday night veggie soup.

The boys had a visitor, too! Look at this praying mantis! We had never seen a brown and green one before. We were really hoping we’d see one of these earlier as they are excellent pest eaters.


It turned its head to pose for the pic…a little creepy.

The boys have not pulled out the dead or dying plants yet. I don’t think we’re quite ready, but the time is getting closer.


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