Planting Flowers First

We do not a lot with flowers at our house. I keep it pretty simple. I have three or four big pots I fill with whatever flower I find beautiful at the time, and it changes from year to year.

I love the splash of color flowers add to a home, but I especially love planting flowers in the spring. They are a sign that warmer, sunnier weather is here to stay.

This year, each boy selected one of the pots to fill with red-orange snapdragons, coral and red variegated petunias, sweet potato vines, tall shoots of grass, and some red, white and blue alyssum.

Jude loved the snapdragons, and he planted them in a yellow pot and his airplane planter. Rex picked the blue pot and planted alyssum, and Morris liked the coral petunias that match the red pots.

Each boy stood back and admired his pot of flowers.


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