Our Gardens are Growing and So are My Boys!

Growing Boys

Last June, I measured the boys at the beginning of the summer, so I thought I’d do the same at the start of this summer.

Rex is 59.5 inches! (4 feet, 11.5 inches) He’s grown 2.5 inches since last summer! His legs are long, like his dad’s, and I know he’ll be as tall as me before long.

Jude is 55.5 inches (4 feet, 7.5 inches), and he’s added 2.5 inches since last summer, as well! He is basically wearing the same size of clothes as his big brother Rex, and is only half a shoe size behind him.

Morris is 45.5 inches (3 feet 9.5 inches), and the overall winner of inches grown this past year. He grew three inches taller! And he wears shoes two sizes larger than this time last year! At his well-child check up he moved up to the 90-some percentile in height in contrast to the 70-some percentile the year before.


Mother’s Day 2017

Growing Gardens

It’s so exciting to see little green bean plants sprout from underground! It reminds me of a little being waking from a snooze and slowly stretching to straighten and raise its head to the sun. Yaaawn…

So, the green beans and pea plants are up, along with the onions, which have sprouted green, spiky hair. The cucumbers and zucchini are filling out, and before long, their tendrils will reach for wires above them and grow upward. The herbs are filling out and can be picked anytime for dinner. Our tomato plants seem a little sleepy, however. I can’t tell if they’ve grown even an inch, but I’ll give them some time.


Little Squirts

Our pumpkin and squash seeds have sprouted! It’s exciting to see these little shoots encouraged by the sunshine. We planted six plants next to the planters, but not inside, as we know how pumpkins and squash love to stretch and spread.

The hollyhocks are shy, though, and I’m not sure if they’ll germinate…



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