First Interviews

Tell me about your garden. What do you notice?


  • “There are flowers on my plants.”
  • “My cilantro is turning into parsley.”
  • “My mint leaves are so huge I can’t put a whole on in and chew or flavor will overflow in my mouth.”
  • “Cucumber started …the vines are grabbing onto the fence.”
  • “I grew a small tomato already.”

*I was impressed with his detail – seeing the vines grabbing – and his knowledge of how his herbs change when they go to seed – from cilantro to coriander/parsley.


  • “I notice they’re growing so big in such a tiny time.”
  • “I love all of my stuff I have.”
  • “The little circles are coming.” (blooms = circles)

*Morris loves having his own garden. He takes a lot of pride in how his plants are growing, noticing how tall they are, weeding it carefully, asking questions about what will happen next.


  • “I’m really happy with my zucchini plant because it’s HUGE. It’s the biggest plant in my garden.
  • “I have the biggest cucumber in the gardens, which makes me happy.”
  • “There’s one problem: Something is eating these leaves.” (He points to his kohlrabi.) “I’m gonna find it (the caterpillar) and squash it.”

*Isn’t it adorable that Jude is a little competitive when it comes to his gardening. Success equals the biggest. I also love that Jude is protective of his garden and knows the responsible pests are in for it.


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