Our First Little Harvest

It’s so exciting when a few vegetables are ready to harvest at the same time. One night this week, we had our first little harvest.


Jude picked his second yellow squash, which is a beautiful golden yellow. I thought it would be soft like a zucchini, but I found I had to cut off the tough outside and slice the inside. We grilled slender pieces and sprinkled on salt. It was so delicious, and I wished we had more.

Morris had lots of peas to pull off of his plants. I don’t remember peas growing so tall and reaching for room like the pole green beans, but these sure do. This year, they are probably two feet tall and abundant with pea pods. Many of them are eaten the second they’re picked, but a few made it to the kitchen. Morris also picked a few of his yellow banana peppers and two jalapeno peppers, but these were bagged and given to his Papa, who has an affinity for the spicy.

Rex pulled off two of his cucumbers, and he has about six more coming soon. We’ve been slicing them regularly for dinner: what a summer treat!




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