The Big Boy’s Kohlrabi

Tyler/Daddy has a garden, just like his three boys. (So do I, but we mainly focus on the boys, here.) Work keeps him busy, but he checks in and picks from his garden a few times a week. Ty selected an assortment of plants he’d never grown before, just to learn from them, I think: How does a cauliflower or an eggplant grow?

His favorite vegetable this season has been his kohlrabi. It’s a peculiar looking vegetable. Its pale, green bulb sits above ground and looks almost like it’s suspended. If you look underneath, you’ll see the main stem. Smaller stems, or shoots, come off the surface of the ball – almost in a random configuration – and there are rounded leaves at the end.


From what we researched, the kohlrabi should be harvested when the bulb is about 2 to 4 inches in diameter. If it’s picked too late, it becomes “woody” tasting, I guess. Some say it tastes like a turnip, or a cross between a radish and a cabbage.

I’ve never eaten a kohlrabi before, but I found five, suggested ways to eat it according to

  1. Raw: It tastes like a cross between a radish and a cabbage.
  2. Roasted: Throw it in with other vegetables and roast it. It caramelizes and mellows in taste.
  3. Steamed: It supposedly blends well with potatoes, eggs, etc.
  4. Pureed: This chef adds it to soups or adds herbs to the puree.
  5. Fried: Dipping pieces in breadcrumbs and frying it makes everyone love the taste.

We opted for raw since we all wanted to know what a kohlrabi really tastes like. So, I peeled the outside layer off and sliced it into large chunks. It tasted more like a radish to me, without the bite that radishes sometimes have. Rex thought it would be good roasted with brussel sprouts. Ty and Jude liked it raw and added it to a salad for lunch. It’s definitely a grow-again!



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