Finally, Our Fairy Garden

Jude has always admired the fairy garden at the Enabling Garden in town. A talented gardener makes her own houses out of knotted logs, adding a roof and a door made from a collection of twigs. For the past few years, she’s added a fairy beach made with blue fish aquarium pellets. And there’s lots of little furniture around the little community, a hammock, pebble walking paths, bridges, and so on.

Jude has always delighted in this, so he asked if we could have one. After lots of searching, we found a set that we liked. And as soon as it arrived, Jude, Morris, and Cousin Harper set it up among the flowers we planted for it earlier. One house with a walking path, one chair, one garden globe, and two fairies. Jude wanted to add a pond, too, so he brought out the giant shovel to dig a hole, along with our fish aquarium, to scoop hand-fulls of pebbles from one to the other.

I think they did a great job! (And the cat likes it, too!)



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