Others’ Gardens: The Community Garden

I knew we would learn more about gardening by watching others’ gardens at the Community Garden. Methods I’d read about can be see at work here:

-Mounds of dirt lifted around tomato plants.

-Plastic and tin coffee cans placed around tomato plants.

-Stakes and cages of all sizes supporting plants.

-A variety of trellises for cucumbers: decorative gates, two garden stakes with wire strung between, low, rectangular cages, and simple wire walls.

-Gardens covered in landscape fabric with holes only for plants.

-Lots of decorations, from pinwheels to smiley wooden flowers.

*The pictures show peas on a trellis, which we’ve never done before, but clearly makes sense. The other shows hanging cucumbers hanging from a circular cage. Cool.

We added a wooden, square trellis for one of our gardens, made by my grandfather in Ottosen, Iowa. I love how rustic it looks and how supportive it is. So does Jude; he was fascinated by it when he saw it and asked if he can have it in his garden next year. Thanks, Grandpa Louie!

By the way, the landscape fabric and mulch we added a few weeks ago has helped tremendously! Hooray! Our gardens look much less weedy and loved. 🙂


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