A Goodbye Glance at Our Gardens

So, it came true. We sold our home last week. We are moving at the end of August.

Today, I took these pictures of our gardens, knowing that it’s our last growing season here.


Ty promises he’ll make me a great, big, beautiful garden at the new home – he’s got just the place for it – and I know he will. And I know I’ll love it. And I know I’ll look at the pictures of these gardens and remember, and maybe get a little teary. We have a lot of wonderful memories here.


Look at them. They’re arranged like arms giving a hug. Rex’s garden is to the left; Morris’s is behind it and in the left corner. Mine is the longer, middle one with the fairy garden for all of us to share. Jude’s is in the right corner, and Ty’s is in the front right.


I plan on taking some chives and mints and planting them in one of my planters to bring along to the new house. I hope they make it and thrive in our future gardens. I think they will.


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