Garden Battle

So, we’re moving next weekend, and it’s time to tear down our gardens. I’m not going to be sentimental anymore. These beds served us well, and we’ll plant another garden at our new home and have new stories to tell.

The boys pulled their big plants out…well, some of them. I did most of it, as they are dry and too large for boys to wrangle. The tomato plants are especially tricky as their arms are in between the layers of the cages.


Morris finally pulled his squash, which had been growing beautifully all season. And we grabbed the last few tomatoes and cucumbers before we pulled out the plants.


And then, the boys decided to have “Garden Wars.” Semi-rotted cucumbers and tomatoes were thrown at each other. Boys dodged and ran around the gardens and trampoline trying to avoid a squishy veggie thrown at their backs. There was lots of laughter and shrieks from Morris as chunks were thrown through the air. It was a joyful way to conclude!



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