Next Year

Our new home has no garden (as mentioned) and very little landscaping. I’m excited!

Ty has a place close to the house in mind. He likes those raised planters with corrugated metal along the sides. I’m still undecided… but I have all winter to plan. (And those dreams will help me get through the gray winter.)

The boys will be inspired gardening in a new place, I think. At times, I’ve wondered if this is a little forced for them. (Especially when Jude complains about the weeding…) And then Jude finds something so cool that he squeals and calls his brothers over, like this caterpillar with its eggs all over its body. Or the boys have a blast throwing veggies at each other.


But mostly, my mind returns to when we came home from our vacation this summer, and how much we enjoyed exploring our gardens, as a whole family. The growing was amazing, and we picked for about an hour. 


And the way Morris loved to pick anything when his dad was around.


I think we’ll give it another go in 2019.



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