Our Gardens are Growing

It’s the end of June and the boys’ gardens are thriving! The tomato plants are filling their cages, and itty-bitty cherry tomatoes are forming. I barely noticed the blossoms before I noticed the little orbs. There are cucumber plants a-plenty – 12 total! – and yellow blossoms are scattered all over the plants, whose tendrils are curling and climbing up the trellises. There are even some small cucumbers growing.

Morris and I probably made a mistake planting a zucchini in our planters, as they are the beasts of the gardens. Their blooms cover my basil and Mo’s carrots.  There are no blooms yet, but I’m hoping they get started soon, as we love grilled zucchini and pan-cooked zucchini, and zucchini in stir fries and zucchini bread… and then we don’t like zucchini anymore.

Rex was a little bummed his mint transplant didn’t take… nor did his chives. He doesn’t know if he wants me to buy the plants or not this year.

The boys are not very interested in their gardens right now. Things get interesting when there are vegetables to pick. Until then, I have to bring the boys out once a week to take a look. But, they are growing beautifully, impressively. We’ve even had a little herb harvest.



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