A Bad Choice

Morris and I are growing a zucchini plant in our gardens. Bad choice. As you can see, it’s taken over about one-sixth of the entire bed, and it threatens to expand more. Each of us has about six to eight mini-zucchini growing, and then it will be even larger. 

The square foot gardening guides I used said we could plant one plant per square foot…but I don’t know how this can be right. They’re giants!

We’re having some issues in other areas, as well. The tomato plants are huge, thankfully we planted on per square foot. The cucumber are vining all over the place. Again, thankfully we planted one per square foot.


I’m not sure if it’s our new garden soil mix, complete with compost that’s growing extra hardy plants this year, or if it was all the rain and now all the sunshine. In years past, our gardens have had more shade, so maybe we positioned our gardens in just the right spot to receive lots and lots of sunshine. Maybe it’s simply a happy garden.


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