New in the Garden

We have some new vegetables that are ready!

Little cherry red tomatoes are hiding out at the bottom of our tomato plants. Everyone knows how delicious these are to pick and pluck right into your mouth (no washing necessary other than a little rub off on your t-shirt). There are at least six of these plants in our gardens, so I’m anticipating several hundred of these this season. But I’m not counting! They disappear too quickly.

Peas are ready to pluck. They’ve grown fat and juicy, and we don’t usually harvest these at one time. We usually leave them on their vines for snacking for those who visit the gardens. Jude and Rex have some nice ones waiting.

Tonight, I picked our first green beans of the season. There are many mini ones dangling, and they’ll be ready for supper in about two days. I have the majority of the bean plants in my garden; they fill the middle. All three boys have at least one row in their gardens, as well.


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