Final Cucumber Count

These are some of our cucumber numbers from the summer:

July 28 = 35 + 5 = 40

August 3 = 40 + 2 = 42

August 10 = 42 + 3 = 45 (All from Rex)

August 18 = 45 + 3 = 48 (2 from Rex, 1 monster from Morris!)

I have to confess that there might be even more than that, as I sometimes forgot to add them in. And,there were days we picked three and gave them away right away… So, 55 might be a better estimate. At any rate, they paid for themselves, and the boys love to pick them and marvel at their size.

Rex turned out to be the champion in numbers, and Morris championed in length.

Jude was the champion of silly.


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