A New Season April 2020

My Growing Boys Summer 2020

It is a new growing season! Hooray! Spring is upon us. The winter and wet are coming to an end, and the sunshine pushes through and warms us more frequently. 

It is also a different season for us, and for everyone around the world. The coronavirus is here, in Iowa, so we are home more. Days at school are cancelled and learning is done only at home. Spring soccer and baseball and every activity are cancelled. We need to stay safe in our home, in our literal and figurative gardens. 

And so, here we are again, growing!

Rex is at the end of his 7th grade year and moving into 8th in the fall. He is 5 feet 5 inches! One more inch, and he has me!

Jude is at the end of his 5th grade year, his last year in elementary school. He is moving to the sixth grade center in the fall. He is 5 feet 3 inches. Two more and he has Rex!

And Morris is close to completing his 2nd grade year. Ty and I are grateful we have one still firmly grounded in elementary. He is 4 feet 6 inches.

During Spring Break, we had a great rain, and all three boys gathered earth worms from the driveway and placed them in our gardens. They loved the job!

We start our season with seedlings. I purchased a container with 113 peat pellets for seeds to start. I planted 13 cucumber plants (7 straight eight, 6 sumter), 13 tomato plants (4 cherry, 4 roma, 5 beefsteak), 3 zucchini, 3 butternut squash, 3 pumpkin, 4 kale, 8 dill, 4 leak, 5 basil, 5 chives, 4 cilantro, and many coneflowers. I plant many knowing not all of them will flourish. I set the tray on the windowsill in my living room and water them every few days.

When they start to grow, which happens quickly for the cucumbers, squash, pumpkin and zucchini, I set them outside to let the wind blow them and grow strong. How similar we are to plants sometimes: this wind blowing through our lives will make us stronger. 


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