A Small Harvest

Today, all three boys were back in their gardens, harvesting what they have. Of course, there were lots of green beans…but I’m starting to wonder if this will be a repeat next season. The boys get tired of picking them, and frankly, we don’t love to eat them. But, they’re here…a lot of them. This time we bagged them and shared. We gave many to Aunt Mary and many to Aunt Melany.

Tomatoes are ripening every day now, and this is a veggie we all love. We pick and eat the cherry tomatoes as we’re observing the gardens, I slice the romas and put them on pizza every Friday night, and I use the big ones – Jude’s sungolds and my heirlooms – for BLTs, a boy favorite.

Also, Morris’s butternut squash is growing big! It’s light green/yellow and the size of his foot. He has two, substantial ones growing in his garden and four more are growing in the back garden.

Today, each boy filled a container, and I took a picture of what they harvested. 

The collection is impressive! As you can see, kale has been busy this season. Morris and I have it in our gardens, and I typically blanche and freeze it for soups in the winter. I also make it on pizza or bake it in the oven for kale chips. 

Jude and I made refrigerator pickles with the abundance of cucumbers hanging out in our refrigerator.


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