Ty’s Apple Cider

Well, this is exciting! We have three apple trees on our property, and Ty has always wanted to have an apple cider-making experience that finally came true this weekend. 

First, Ty and the boys raked apples into piles and gathered them in the wheel barrel after they naturally fell or were shaken from the trees.

Then, we needed to have the tools. We bought an apple picker (which reaches to the higher branches and collects apples), an apple crusher, and an apple juicer. 

We were ready!

This Saturday, Ty, Jude and Morris started the process while I was at work with Rex. They tested the process:

After collecting, the apples were crushed into small pieces by an apple crusher, or grinder. One boy turns the handle and the apples are shredded by gears with teeth.

Then, the crushed pieces are placed in a mesh bag and placed in the juicer. Boards are placed on the top – like Jenga pieces – and the handle is screwed in. Boys take turns turning the handle around and around, which pushes the boards down to squeeze the apples. Juice gets squeezed out and falls into a plate with a little lip that gathers and drips apple juice into a bowl below. 


Ty invited his side of the family to join. Jessman, Anne, Jojo and Cass came over to help!

Jessman, Rex and Jude took over the crushing step.

Morris, Jojo, and Cassandra loved placing the blocks on top and turning the handle around and around.

All of the brown joice is funneled into containers or poured into cups to enjoy! It’s so delicious! No sugar, no cinnamon, just naturally delicious!

Tyler was thrilled with the process and the outcome! We got about 4 gallons, which we shared and froze for later. So FUN!


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