Time to Rest: Deconstruction

Well, it’s that time of year (October). It’s time for boys to flex their muscles and pull out dry cucumber vines, yank out tall, wilting tomato plants, and gather the tiny gnomes, knights, and horses in their fairy gardens. This is a pain for them, but eventually they come outside and help.  

We reflect a little bit on their gardens. Mostly, they enjoy their cucumber plants, the green bean picking competitions, and the surprises, like Morris’s acorn squash growing instead of a zucchini. I was excited by the success of all the plants I grew by seed in the spring: pumpkins, zucchini, squash, kale, a few tomato plants, cucumbers, and all the herbs!

It was an abundant season! My freezer is full of kale and peaches; our pantry has six acorn squash remaining. 

The boys were a little less into their gardens this year, to be honest. But they still come and visit, and harvest. I don’t think they’d ever choose to not grow one, and I know it’s good for them! 

So, until next season, I’ll be dreaming of different vegetables to grow, making new recipes with what I have stored (butternut squash soup!), and dreaming of the spring to grow again with my boys (always worth it!). 🙂 


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