Weeds and Watering

The boys have become very attune to their gardens, especially in the areas of defense and protection. Weeds are quickly spotted – Intruder! – and plucked out by their little fingers. No one messes with their turf. They now know the differences between their vegetable plants and weeds, which they didn’t know before this project.

“The weeds are pointed on the end, like grass,” they tell me. Or, they’re short and have curvy leaves. Their plants are tall and thriving, so the little stinkers are easy to spot.

Originally, I dreamed each boy would water his garden every day, but that dream has gone by the wayside. Instead, the boys take turns watering. At first, they complained and whined, viewing it as another chore interrupting their special time with action figures. Now, they complain, but they complain less, and I even think they enjoy spraying once they get started. The hose is like a giant squirt gun after all.



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