A Bowl Full of…

Rex, Morris, and Daddy all have lettuce growing like crazy in their gardens. Rex has Bib and red leaf lettuce; Morris is growing spinach (not quite lettuce, but lettuce-like); and Daddy is growing Bib and green leaf lettuce. One of the best things about growing lettuce is you can harvest it over and over throughout the summer, provided it doesn’t get too hot or too many pests attack. This is in contrast to the cabbage we’re growing, which takes up a lot of space, can only be harvested once, and the caterpillars apparently love it.

One evening we harvested a whole bowl full of lettuce, taking leaves from each boys’ gardens. Jude was in need of a structured activity, so I nominated him to clean it and make a big salad to his liking.

He wasn’t thrilled at first, but after washing the leaves, and finding a caterpillar attached to a leaf in a cocoon (Understand, creepy crawlies are one of the loves of his life!), he got into it.  His salad was delicious: ranch dressing, string cheese, and croutons. He might be up for salad making again…IF I can promise him he’ll find another bug.


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