Growth Spurt

We took a week off of measuring our plants, so June 19 is absent from the chart. I did this somewhat on purpose, to really see a difference in growth. There was clearly a growth spurt during those two weeks!

Tomato plants shot up and little yellow blooms – some with green bulbs underneath – are everywhere! Our pole beans filled out and their arms are reaching for something to wrap around: tomato cages, the garden fence, other plants. (I should have given them something to climb, and may need to do that later.) The herbs are full and ready to harvest: I picked and dried some of the dill and froze some of the basil in small baggies. Our garden is growing!

(*Two weeks later.)

REX June 4 June 11 *June 26
Tomato 11-½” 19” (1’7”) 32” (2’8”)
Chili Pepper 10” 12” 4 peppers

4 flowers

Chives 7” 9” Filling out

“My potato plant sprouted. My mint is spreading. My whole garden is filled. It used to have seeds and now it is full.” -Rex

JUDE June 4 June 11 *June 26
Tomato 11-½” 12.5” 24”
Bean 2.5” 6.5” All over!
Corn 1” 13” 50” !!!
Eggplant 6-¾” 7.5” 1 Purple


Sage 5-¼” 5.5” Filling out

“My potato plant has grown and there’s a purplish-whitish flower on my eggplant!” -Jude


MORRIS June 4 June 11 *June 26
Tomato 9” 15” (1’3”) 34” (1’10”
Cabbage 4” 7” Center


Spinach 5” 8” To seed
Bean 2” 6” All over!

 “The leaves are kinda big (on my tomato plant).” -Morris


And so are my boys! Family and friends comment on how tall Rex looks lately. Jude’s once clown-sized shoes now fit perfectly. And, I notice Morris’s pants from this winter are now high-waters, and long-sleeve shirts creep up his forearms. They all need haircuts and are constantly stealing snacks from the pantry.



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