Cucumber Count

Boys love competition. They will race to the top of the stairs, see who can put on their shoes the fastest, run to tag a parent first (This one always surprises me, as a “tag” usually has a lot of Boy Force behind it.), kick the first soccer goal, empty the dishwasher rack, the list goes on and on…

So, I thought we could add a little competition with our cucumbers that are growing in abundance: the most, the longest, the fattest, the heaviest, the prickliest, the most unique… Lots of possibilities here for each boy to win several times.

Jude harvested eight – Eight! – last night. Before he started, we had no idea there were so many. Like he said earlier, cucumbers are sneaky. They sprout quickly, and some of his were even hiding in the tomato cage.

Right now Jude holds the record for the longest at 8 -1/2″! Rex might have him beat for the fattest and heaviest though.

Picked On the Vine Contest Contender


Rex 4 3 7”
Jude 8 4 8 ½”



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