Morris’ Garden

At age 4, Morris is more involved in gardening than you might think. One of his daily chores is to water the garden, and he does it well! Every square, every plant shows signs of showers when he’s done, so I trust him with this job, even though I was uncertain about giving him this responsibility at first.

Last night, he had quite the harvest. When we took an evening stroll after playing soccer in the yard, Morris said to his dad, “Look at the action in my garden!” By “action” he meant all the growing green beans. He pointed to various areas repeating, “Look at this action!” and “that action!”

As he picked, he called his green beans “guys,” as in, “Look at this guy!” as he pulled a bean off the vine, and “Look at that guy!”


He was so proud of the hand full of beans he brought into the house, and he quickly grabbed a tape measure – as he’s seen me do – to measure his longest on his own: 7 ½ inches! He holds the record, and boy, is our little guy proud.


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