Garden Value Concluded, Sort of…

Early on, I wanted to get a guestimate of how much we earned back from our harvests. In an earlier post I noted that we spent about $110 on plants and seeds (way back in May), and as of July we’d earned about $45 in produce.

I’ve been keeping track (loosely, I confess) on a piece of notebook paper that rests on top of a scale in our kitchen. Tally marks note how many tomatoes Jude has harvested versus Morris, and how many pounds of beans came from each boys’ garden. I put them all together for a total.

Some vegetables are difficult to keep track of, which I note after my total. But, here’s a good guess at the boys’ garden value. Bravo, Boys!

Cost at Store Harvested Value
Cucumbers $1.00 30 $30.00
Green beans $2.69 / 1.35 lbs. 4.69 lbs. $9.35
 -Roma $.25 each 41+ $10.25
 -Cherry $3.79 / 0.95 lbs. 90+/ 2.5lbs. $9.48
 -Big $1.35 each 31+ $41.85
Jalapenos/Chilis $0.30 each 8+ $2.40
Eggplant    $1.99 (for large) 2 small $2.00 (guestimated)
Lettuce $1.99 3 large bowls/heads $6.00
Cabbage $1.86 each 6 $11.16

Basil – $1.99/pkg. (fresh) 8 $15.92

Chives – $2.99/.75 oz. (fresh)

Cilantro – $1.00/bunch (fresh) 2 $2.00

Dill – $1.70/.58 oz. (dried) 3 $5.10

                                                   TOTAL VALUE (as of 9/10)= $145.51*   

*Some items did not grow: potatoes

Some items did not grow well: carrots

Some items yielded a small harvest and did not get figured in: kale

Some items were lost track of because they were picked and given to visitors: green beans

Some items were not harvested but nibbled by children and adults: chives, mint, sage, and many tomatoes.

                                TOTAL VALUE OF LEARNING AND FUN! = PRICELESS!


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