Fruit-Fly-Killing Coctail

When produce rests on kitchen counters, annoying fruit flies come to visit. They seem to especially enjoy bananas and our garden tomatoes.

My sister-in-law Amy gave me a great fruit-fly-killing-cocktail recipe!

1.Grab a glass and fill it halfway with apple cider vinegar.

2. Add 2 squirts dish-soap.

3.Dash in some fast-running water so bubbles form on the top.

The apple cider vinegar attracts the little stinkers, which then rest on the bubbles. The soap decreases the vinegar’s surface tension and then causes the flies to sink and drown.

img_1040Jude was fascinated by the collection of at least fifty fruit flies at the bottom of the glass. Thank you, Amy! I’m going to remember this one.


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