Art in the Garden

“Art in the Garden” is one of my favorite nights of the summer! The Polk County Master Gardeners designed a beautiful Enabling Garden near HyVee, and residents get to enjoy it all growing season long. These gardeners host a Children’s Art in the Garden night once a summer, and I enjoyed it so much last year, I had to go back!

This year, the night coincided with a double birthday party, so the older boys went with their dad. Time with cousins trumps all. I took Morris, along with my sister, and my niece and nephew, and we had a wonderful time. (And made it to the birthday party later.)


My niece and nephew collaging!

Here’s a breakdown of some of their creative, garden activities:

  1. Collage: Use pictures of plants, flowers, etc. to make a garden collage.
  2. Build a Bug: Make insect pictures using pine cones, seeds, dried flowers, etc.
  3. Crown of Flowers: Attach wildflowers to a crown for kids to wear. Wild!
  4. Flower Arrangement: Select a vase, select wildflowers, and master gardeners make a  beautiful arrangement for you to take home.
  5. Flower Loom: Select flowers to weave into a loom.
  6. Seeds: Decorate an envelope full of wildflower seeds to take home and grow on your own!
  7. Decorate a Cookie!: This was a highlight. Decorate a flower or butterfly-shaped cookie with all the frosting and sprinkles you want!

Morris made the coolest bug out of a pine cone and acorn top. I treasure it! His favorite station was the cookie decorating; he picked the biggest cookie he could find and topped it with lots of purple frosting and sprinkles.

What a great event!


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