They’re BACK!

I’ve been looking for them…

The boys know what kind of destruction they can wreak, and last growing season we were surprised by their voracious appetite. At first we thought the deer had visited; the ends of our tomato plants were nibbled off and some of our tomatoes were bitten. And then, we found them – hugging the stems and chewing away – these camouflaged caterpillar beasts: tomato horn worms!

This season, they’re back! Again, I noticed the leaves missing off the tips of our tomato plants, and then Jude and I started our inspection. We found TEN! Ten caterpillars were eating away on our seven tomato plants. Jude tossed them into the yard, even though he wanted to destroy them.

He had his chance when we found two more about a week later. Jude karate-chopped one…and its guts sprayed all over my legs. (Moms of boys experience things that moms of girls probably do not, I was reminded.) The aggression feels justified when they’re munching on our beloved garden…even if is gross.


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