My Growing Boys 2018

It’s year three of My Growing Boys, and the boys know what to do. When I casually asked them what they wanted to grow this season, Rex told me to get the garden grid printed out so he could fill it out. Okay, so right to business.

I used my usual Square Foot Garden websites to help them select their veggies, and we filled the grids out in between them playing rounds of Fortnite in the basement. Whatever works.

There were not really any surprises selected. Jude had a strong preference to “grow yellow tomatoes like last year,” Rex wanted his garden to “look clean,” and Morris wanted to try a squash along with lots of carrots. Otherwise, lots of basics: tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peas, chives.

Jude has always wanted to have a fairy garden, so we’re setting aside part of my garden for that little community. The other half I’ve reserved for herbs and tomatoes. And Ty told me just to pick the plants for his garden – no preference – but I know it’s therapy for him to harvest and snack at the same time at the end of a busy day, so I picked green beans and smaller tomatoes for his garden because they have a high yield.

Soon, it will be time to plant!



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