End-of-Season Interviews

This is one of my favorite posts to write: reflections from my boys.


1.What were your favorite vegetables to grow? My favorite things were my kohlrabi – just the taste of it. Also, sungold tomatoes, since I just had one, so good! Cucumbers were possibly my favorite things to have because they grow a lot of things. Look at a cucumber one day. Go on a vacation for a week and it’s about a foot long.

2.What do you want to do next year? Next time I’ll do corn again. Corn grows huge. From a small seed to one of the biggest veggies. Maybe sunflowers, too.



1.What were your favorites? I haven’t picked my chillis yet…Basil, and cucumbers and chives grew well. Onions didn’t cuz Jude ripped them out. Baseball kept me busy, so I wasn’t as into my garden this year.

2.Next year? Same.



1.What were your favorites? Getting peppers and growing carrots and green beans. I like picking the peppers cuz I knew what would be. I liked carrots cuz when you pull them out you see what’s growing.

2.Next year? I want to grow onions cuz they’re fun to get out of the ground.


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