Back from Vacation

One of the best parts about returning home from a vacation is returning to our gardens to see how they’ve grown. We were gone for a whole week, so ours had a lot of wonderful surprises waiting for us!

First of all, Jude’s cucumber plants went crazy! There were over seven, 10-plus inch cucumbers hanging from his trellis, and the trellis couldn’t take it. It flopped over onto our fairy garden. When Jude lifted it, he giggled with delight at all the giant cucumbers dangling. One was over 14 inches!



Rex found a 14-incher in his garden, too, hiding within his trellis. (Jude’s was maybe ½-inch longer.)

Next, there was red peppered everywhere as many of our roma and cherry tomatoes were ripe. Rex has two roma plants, and he collected at least six, and I have a plant and gathered probably three. Collectively, we picked at least 15 cherry tomatoes.


The green beans were abundant and ready for a first picking, as well. Ty had the most in his garden; he picked a shirt-full. Jude and Morris had a lot, too, and together, the three harvested over a pound of green beans.

There were many small treasures we found, as well. Morris picked two of his hot peppers, and his acorn squash is growing larger. Tyler has a three-inch eggplant growing now, which has been fun to watch.


Each boy collected their harvests in separate bowls, proud of what they’ve grown.


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