Veggies at the Community Garden

Just like our home gardens, our community gardens grew while we were away. There were cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes, although in less quantity. Our donation plot is not as fruitful as we’d like; this is the plot that had the thistles, so many weeds, and I wonder if the soil is not as nutrient rich. Our family plot, located right next to it, seems to be healthier and it produces more.

The boys helped pick and pick and pick green beans. So did Ty! Each plot produced a pound of green beans!

There were many roma tomatoes available at each space and only two, small cucumbers at the donation plot.

We’ve donated vegetables to Caring Hands – a food pantry – twice now: huge cucumbers the first time, green beans, tomatoes and two, small cucumbers the second time. Jude handed them over to the volunteer for a family to enjoy.


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