It All Starts with a Seed

May 1, 2019

Welcome back!

It’s Season 4 of My Growing Boys!

Rex is twelve and in sixth grade. He loves basketball, reading science fiction, playing Legos, his cats, and anything Avengers.

Jude is ten and in fourth grade. He loves math, baseball and basketball, drawing at the kitchen table, playing ga-ga ball, and joking around.

And Morris is seven, coming close to the end of first grade. He loves playing with his brothers (until he doesn’t), playing soccer, riding his bike, climbing trees, and drawing.

All three boys are ever-growing: constantly hungry, chasing each other with swords in and out of the house, challenging each other (competitive, to say the least), imagining with toys or play, learning at home and school, loving family, and staying very, very active.

This season, My Growing Boys are in a new home. We moved last Labor Day, and we have new garden beds to make, and new home we’re still settling into.

But Morris and I get a head start on the season. Morris helped plant some seeds: basil, cilantro, dill, four o’clocks, and black-eyed Susans. We haven’t started plants inside for a few seasons, but we’re anxious for Spring, for playing outside in the yard, for riding scooters and bikes, for taking walks, for wearing shorts, for growing our gardens.

“We Have a Little Garden”

by Beatrix Potter

We have a little garden,

A garden of our own,

And every day we water there

The seeds that we have sown.


We love our little garden,

And tend it with such care.

You will not find a faded leaf

Or blighted blossom there.


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