Building Garden Boxes

May 5 

I’ve learned a few lessons over the seasons. The first, very important one is: Don’t take the boys to Lowes when you buy lumber. They’re fine in the garden center, looking at plants. But if I’m looking at wood, they feel instantly anxious and bored, and they are quick to find mischief to help pass the time. Usually, they play a game of chase through the rows of lumber or ask me so many questions about anything unrelated – a new movie, what we’re doing tonight, etc. –  I can’t think straight. Who can blame them when I’m talking to the workers, pondering about boring things, like which kind of wood should I use, dogwood fir or cedar? What dimensions should our beds be? When can the lumber be cut and picked up? These are the details that torture active boys. So, I did this part on my own: selected dogwood fir, sketched a drawing, ordered wood, picked up cut wood and screws.

And, Ty built the boxes, all four! He started with screwing one foot, 2×4’s together for the corners. Then, he drilled six foot sides and four foot sides into the corners. They’re nice and sturdy! He built all four in a week, drilling away in our garage. He knows how much we love our gardens. Thank you!!!



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