It’s (Finally) Time to Plant!

May 27: Memorial Day

Hooray! It’s a great day to plant! The sun is shining…for the rest of the day. Some rain is expected tomorrow, and the day after, but there’s supposed to be periods of sunshine in between.

Late last week, I bought 6 cherry tomato plants, 4 early girl tomato plants, 12 cucumber plants(!), two zucchini, 1 Japanese eggplant, 4 chili red peppers, 4 green pepper plants, flowers for the fairy gardens, and many seeds (green beans, peas, radish, carrot, mint, etc.). I’ve learned not to take the boys shopping for plants, as well. (I lose track of what we need, and they just get bored.)

But today is the day! Hooray!

The boys remember to carefully pull their plants from the containers, to pull and loosen the dirt and roots at the bottom of the plants, to dig a deep hole, and push the dirt around the stem of their plants.

Rex plants his cucumber plants, his chili reds, and his tomatoes.


Jude plants all six of his six cucumber plants (!) and one of his cherry tomatoes.


Morris plants his cucumbers, his tomatoes, and his peppers.


I plant everything else for them. We’re alike: we agree that it’s much more fun watching things grow than planting.


*I planted all the seeds about a week later.


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