Planning and Waiting

May 20

There’s been almost constant rain this spring… It rains for a day or two, it stops for one, and then it rains again. And again. If we’d planted our gardens already, the rain and very intermittent sunshine might be welcome, a healthy start even. Although I’ve talked with gardeners whose tomato plants look water-logged and they think they may have to plant their seeds again. So, we wait.

We’re also waiting for a dry period to get the rest of our compost and soil for the gardens. We got half – a shortage by mistake – and now the other half will be delivered when there’s a day to dry and a dry day to deliver. Ty and I shovel in what we can, when we can.

In the meantime, boys plan their gardens on the paper grids we use every year, along with the square foot gardening website/picture. We did this at the shop one morning (Schuling Hitch Company), as Grandma had jury duty and the boys came to work with me during homeschool time.


This year, I noticed how Morris’s plan has changed so much. Look at the perfectly written and spelled vegetables. He is an excellent writer! He’s looking forward to having chives, like his brothers have in the past. Radishes are an interesting choice for him.


Jude giggled when handed his over. Eight cucumber plants! I knew he loved them, but we’ll see! And, he loves cherry tomatoes. All the boys do.


Rex has taken to abbreviating, and he expects me to read his code (Is this part of being twelve?). We brought a chive plant and a sprig of mint from the gardens at our old home (Remember, we moved last Labor Day.), and he’s really hoping it takes in his new garden.



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