Art in the Enabling Garden

It’s that time of year for Art in the Garden, thanks to Iowa State Master Gardeners. We look forward to it every year! We brought along Rex’s long-time friend Brianna and invited Aunt Anne, Cousins Jojo and Cassie, Aunt Lindsay, Cousins Harper and Calvin. It was a beautiful, cool night.

This year, the artist who makes the woodland creatures had some new additions: snakes! Jude picked out the very largest one, and Rex selected a small, knottier one. Morris picked out a cat with a very long tail, and spent his time painting it black and purple. Very cool, Mo!


Rex didn’t feel like painting this year, but he did make me a lovely flower arrangement with wild flowers.


Jude didn’t feel like painting either, but he make a wild flower arrangement and a very cool leaf critter. Check it out!


The boys were really excited about decorating cookies, but there wasn’t a station for that this year… so, Rex found a comfy bench and read, and Jude goofed with Brianna and Rex.

Morris finished his night with an arrangement with very cool tiger lilies! Thanks, again, Master Gardeners!


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