Growing Great! (one week later) and Radishes!

Wow! It never takes long when the weather is warm, the sun shines, and we remember to water the gardens. Little radish sprouts came first (within 3 days), all in a row, so we knew they weren’t weeds to pick. Green bean plants rose from the ground like sleepy bodies within a week, and their leaves grew large quickly. 

The tomato plants I grew from seed are doing well; the main stalk is thickening, and they are growing taller. And the cucumber plants are looking stronger, and maybe ready to climb in a week. The boys are excited!

And then, three weeks later, we have lots and lots of radishes. Morris notices and picks his first, and then Jude has an abundance. 

We have more than we can eat, so we give some to Grandpa and Aunt Heidi. 


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