…Planting 2

On planting session 2, boys planted their tomato plants first. Jude loves yellow tomatoes, so I bought one from the store, and he planted 3 from home (cherry and beefsteak). I also bought him cherry hot peppers, something new to try. Rex planted a rosemary plant I bought per his request, 2 tomato plants from home, and 2 hot peppers I bought. Morris only wanted one tomato plant (as he doesn’t like them much, he said), but definitely wanted his zucchini plant in his garden. We’ll see how this one does as the last one overwhelmed the garden. He also got two hot peppers, too: the boys like the challenge of eating them. 🙂  

And then the boys were done and not interested in doing anything else (which is normal). So, I planted rows of radishes and green beans. Morris requested peas. And, there were some left over herbs, kale, leeks, etc. that I planted where ever there was room.

On a side note, it’s important to give my boys plenty of water! Thanks to Aunt Heidi for that!


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